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  • Rally on the RANGE - Elvis was there. So was Tony Bennett. Even Patsy Cline showed up. Four times. OK, so maybe these music legends were at the Great North American RV Rally in Hutchinson, Kansas, in spirit only — sitting near the Dodge Stage, with the fluffy white seeds of cottonwood trees riding a warm breeze across tiny Lake Talbott, but it was easy to close your eyes and imagine, for a moment, that the serenade was real.

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KANSAS – the geographical center of our nation, this farming state provides food basics in the form of grain crops and beef cattle to a vast number of consumers in the US

A Kansas RV Park awaits you as you explore the old trails of early settlers. Determined pioneers steered their wagons through the state along both the Oregon and Santa Fe trails. Cattle were driven north to market on the Chisholm Trail in search of the railroad and small cow towns like Abilene and Dodge City were established as a result.

You can find many monuments and landmarks designating the remarkable determination of our forefathers. Choose a Kansas RV Campground and head out and blaze your own trail

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Kansas Rally Oct 04, 2018

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