Rhode Island

Rhode Island United States MapTotal mileage /average drive time:

42.3 miles, 1 hour 2 minutes

Nature enthusiasts and history buffs will be right at home on this journey through this beautifully rugged and rural Rhode Island landscape.

Hope Valley

A small rural community, Hope Valley is the perfect escape from busy city living.  Home to Whispering Pines campground, with 50 acres of beautiful pine trees, you can rent out a cabin, bring your RV, or tent camp in these gorgeous wooded sites.  Rustic yet comfortable with free hot showers and WI-FI, the kids will love trying out the free paddle boats, rowing skiffs, and canoes.  For the six and under crowd, there is a playground and free rides on the “Barrel Train.”  Nearby is the beautiful Wyoming Dam where its crystal clear water cascades over a small scenic falls.  There are also some great fishing opportunities in the 26-acre Wyoming pond that is stocked with trout several times a year or in Wood River, which flows into the Wyoming Pond.  Also try one of the many golf courses for a fun round of challenging golf before heading northeast out of town on Hwy 3 and heading north on I-95. 


29 miles – about 42 minutes

From I-95, take RI-102 and continue north on RI-94 to get to the highest point of elevation in all of Rhode Island, the quiet town of Foster.  Among Foster’s many fascinating and historical landmarks is The Town House, which is still in use to this day and is the oldest government meeting house of its type in the United States.  Also interesting and fun to visit are The Old Jail, The Town Scales, and The Town Pound.  Put on some good walking shoes for a hike on the North South Trail that goes through Foster.  The part that goes through Foster also happens to be the most scenic part of the whole trail.   The remnants of a shingle mill from 1919 can be spotted along the trail as well as bubbling brooks and rich lush green foliage.  Take in a deep breath of this fresh mountain air and head back to the car for a short 20 minute drive to U.S. 44 East at Putnam Pike.


13.3 miles – about 20 minutes

From Foster, head west on RI-101 and north on RI-102 until you reach Glocester a small rural community dotted with lakes and ponds and just 35 miles west of Providence, the state capital. Harmony is a small village within Glocester, off U.S. Route 44 at Putnam Pike.  It is the proud home to the historic Harmony Chapel and Cemetery, where it is situated at the center of the village.  There are some historical houses and taverns, the Harmony library, and some beautiful golf courses nearby.  For the history buff and animal lovers, the oldest pound in America is the Town Pound at the corner of Route 102 and Pound Road in Glocester.  When you are done sightseeing, head over to the little restaurant in town, Chester’s to wine and dine with the friendly locals.


Stopping off in cute quaint towns for a round of challenging golf, a scenic hike, and possibly a little fishing sounds delightful for anyone who loves the outdoors.  The bonus is stumbling upon some old relics and historic buildings en route.

Rhode Island Lighthouse