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Good Sam Camping makes it easy to find activities you'll enjoy
and things to know for your RV Trip.

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Traveling With Pets

We love to pamper our pets, even when we bring them on the road. Find helpful travel tips and activities both you and your pet will enjoy!

Crossing the Border

Passports are now required at all border crossings. Find valuable information you’ll need to know before your next international RV trip.

Road & Highway Conditions

Know before you go! Check current weather and road conditions before you hit the road.

Rules of the Road

What’s the speed limit here? Do you need to stop at weigh stations? Find specific rules and regulations for RV travelers throughout the United States and Canada.

Factory Tours

How’d they make that? Have you ever wondered? From RV Manufacturers to Chocolate Factories, find fun tours here.

Tourism & Hotlines

Easily search for tourism bureaus in the US and Canada. Plan ahead by researching places to stay, things to do, even places to eat along your travel route.

Fun & Games

Family Car Games

Are we there yet?" Keep big and little kids entertained on your next RV trip with these fun and easy games. Otherwise you'll say "Just Five More Minutes!" more times than you can count.

State Trivia

Every state shines. Find state facts from historical sites, to sports teams, points of interests and how the was named.